Stålhästen Black

From: 380eur

So classic it can be. A men's bike with matt black frame, leather saddle, brown stitched handles and classic design. More handsome than most, with a solid steel frame and smooth-rolling 28" tires. Just as it should be. Coaster break and hand break.Stålhästen Black is available with or without gears.

Thomas Ivung ❤️ Stålhästen

Thomas Ivung

Outdoor enthusiast from Mullsjö that takes great pictures from the Swedish countryside.

A stylish and classic bike.

The Stålhästen model Stålhästen is our very first bike. A stylish and classic bike without frills. Steel frame, leather saddle and beautiful details. At the same time a modern bike with an integrated Shimano Nexus gear system, double-bottomed rims, powder coated frame and puncture-protected tires. Everything to a nice price by minimizing the number of intermediaries and sending the bike directly to your home from our warehouse in Sweden.

High five!

  • Classic men’s bike with leather saddle that will become more beautiful as time goes by.
  • Integrated gear system, as good as bulletproof and requires minimal maintenance.
  • Powder coated frame, aluminium mudgards and stainless steel screws.
  • Wheels with reinforced spokes and puncture-protected tires.
  • No middlemen, straight from our warehouse to you with home delivery.


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